BRAIN Chokes

  • Are the best performing chokes in the World by far, increasing the effective surface of the pattern by at least 80%, regardless the shotshell charge (from light competition to super magnum), shot size or material (lead, steel, tungsten or other), wad design or material (plastic or felt) etc in both HUNTING and COMPETITION.
  • Offer greatly extended effective range , both closer and longer, compared to any other conventional choke tube of equivalent choke constriction. Unmatched versatility, complete confidence with less guesswork about the constriction you may need.
  • Are the only choke tubes in the World that can be used with steel shot regardless the choke degree including our BX (Beyond Exteme) of 14/10 / 0,056” constriction even with Magnum Steel BB’s, which, even so, delivers absolutely perfect patterns.
  • Eliminate the differences of bore diameters between barrels of the same make (model / manufacturer), since the Pre-Choking section constitutes a new entrance to the final choking, forming its own accurate “bore to choke” relevance.
  • Increase, due to the double Venturi effect, the shot velocity by an average of 2%.
  • Separate all the cold-welded shot groups as they get shattered passing through two constrictions in a row, enhancing even more the pattern’s perfect uniformity.