(same choke model / same constriction)

It is well known (and proven in ALL published comparison tests worldwide) that BRAIN Chokes are the best chokes in the World. Now we make them in lightweight version too. In TITANIUM.

Planning to produce lightweight “CHOKE-in-CHOKE” BRAIN chokes, we considered only TITANIUM Grade 5 because aluminum is really a soft, unsuitable metal.
On the web you can find hundreds of reports, photos and stories about cracked or blown out aluminum chokes.

During the first years of our production, we could find only cheap Titanium which was not guaranteed that could meet our quality standards.

Now, we have made an agreement with one of the most serious and famous for his quality supplier of TITANIUM Grade 5 with Aerospace Specifications, enabling us to produce chokes of the same strength and overall quality with our BRAIN stainless steel chokes but… at almost

half the weight!

TITANIUM “CHOKE-in-CHOKE” BRAIN Chokes deliver exactly the same perfect patterns with our stainless steel chokes, they just weigh far less.