The best design in the World deserves the best – by far – manufacturing:

  • Superior material
    BRAIN Chokes are the only chokes in the World that are made of the best Swedish stainless tool steel (exclusively in the form of solid bars, never welded tubes), much stronger and harder (and far more expensive) than the usually used steel alloys (17-4 PH / USA or 42 CrMo4 / Europe) or the best Titanium Grade 5 of  Aerospace specifications. Of course both are 2,5 times harder and stronger than the hardest and strongest aluminum or aluminum alloy.
  • Ceramic coating
    BRAIN Chokes have Ceramic coating externally for better heat dissipation, durability and grate looks.
  • Stress Relief process
    BRAIN Chokes are the only chokes in the World that have been submitted to Thermal Stress Relief Process resulting to perfect interaction with the load passing through and avoidance of dimensional alterations in the future (oval perimeter shape etc).
  • State of art machining
    BRAIN Chokes are made with the use of the most advanced state-of-art CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machines and highly sophisticated custom made special tooling. Unlike other manufacturers, we manufacture BRAIN Chokes with a single “grip” of the lathe both externally and internally (something that requires very sophisticated tools). This guarantees perfect concentricity and precise alignment of the shot.
  • Mirror polishing
    BRAIN Chokes are polished to mirror level, with near zero friction factor, for minimal carbon and plastic build-up and cleaning easiness.
    This procedure is done one by one by hand!