BRAIN Chokes are offered in two versions: HUNTING and COMPETITION.

The difference between HUNTING and COMPETITION inner profile design is very slight. Be sure that you can use both types with equally perfect results regardless the intended use. Differences in performance between HUNTING and COMPETITION choke tubes of the same constriction are hardly distinct, no matter if you shoot heavy field loads or light target ones.


HUNTING available constrictions
  • BL: Bell, (negative value constriction) with bell shaped reverse shot exit, for heavy cover, yet effective at mid range.
  • CR: Close Range (2/10 mm / 0,008”) equals to conventional both improved cylinder & light modified
  • MR: Medium Range (4/10 mm / 0,016”) equals to conventional both light modified & modified
  • TM: Tight Medium, (6/10 mm / 0.024”) equals to conventional both modified & improved modified
  • LR: Long Range, (8/10 mm / 0.032”) equals to conventional both improved modified & full
  • TL: Tight Long, (10/10 mm / 0.040”) equals to conventional both full & extra full
  • BX: Beyond Χtreme, (14/10 mm / 0,056”) for distances "longer than possible".
  • SA: Slug Align, with double slug align rings for unrivalled accuracy
  • BR: Buckshot Ruler, extreme efficiency with buckshots


COMPETITION available constrictions
  • C1: Competition 1 (negative value constriction) with bell shaped reverse shot exit for Olympic skeet
  • C2: Competition 2 (2/10 mm / 0,008”) for Olympic skeet, Sporting close range
  • C3: Competition 3 (4/10 mm / 0,016”) for English Skeet, Sporting medium range
  • C4: Competition 4 (6/10 mm / 0.024”) for ABT, DTL, Sporting all-around
  • C5: Competition 5 (8/10 mm / 0.032”) for Olympic Trap 1st barrel, ABT, DTL, Sporting long range
  • C6: Competition 6 (10/10 mm / 0.040”) for Olympic Trap 2nd barrel, Sporting very long range
  • C7: Competition 7 (14/10 mm / 0,056”) for "EXTREME" Sporting competitions.

Constrictions in mm and inches may sligthly vary according the barell bores of each shotgun manufacturer.

Constrictions are Laser marked on external part so there is no need to unscrew choke to check installed constriction.

All HUNTING and COMPETITION choke tubes are available in three colors of the external ceramic coating and CUSTOM: