Here you can see the impressive difference between pattern produced by BRAIN Choke Tube and pattern produced by
“best performing” competitor’s conventional inner profile choke tube of equivalent constriction.

BRAIN Chokes increase the effective surface by at least 80% within the same overall pattern diameter.

BRAIN TM: Tight Medium (6/10 mm / 0.024”)

CONVENTIONAL 6/10 mm / 0.024”

Image of actual test on 1m x 1m / 40″ X 40″ pattern board at 36,5 m / 40 yrds
shotshell with 36 gr / 1 ¼ oz , No 6 lead shot

  • The big red circles represent the actual effective surface of each pattern.
  • The small circles represent empty spaces, big enough for a partridge to escape absolutely unharmed (minimum required pellet number for a clean kill is 3).
  • The difference between the conventional choke pattern and the BRAIN pattern is more than obvious!