BRAIN choke tubes constriction range includes three exceptional chokes deserving special mentioning:


A choke of negative value constriction with bell shaped reverse shot exit. This extraordinary choke is impressively effective at very close range, yet is capable of hitting all your targets at mid ranges as well! This happens due to the fact that its double expansion sections drive the pattern diameter to open very fast but, at the same time, to maintain also an effective density at a much longer distance than normally expected.
Many call it “the sweeper”.
Bell is perfect for hunting in heavy cover or shooting Olympic Skeet.
This choke is marked BL in HUNTING range and C1 in COMPETITION range.

Image of actual test on 1m x 1m / 40″ X 40″ pattern board at 36,5 m / 40 yrds. 14/10 mm / 0,056” inner circle 76 cm / 30″, shotshell with 36 gr / 1 ¼ oz , No 6 lead shot

Note: For maximum results must be used with sotsells loaded with hard plastic wads and high antimony pellets.

Beyond Xtreme

A choke with 14/10 mm / 0,056” constriction, far tighter than any “extra full” choke made by any other choke manufacturer until now. The 14/10 means that the constriction is 40% tighter than the full choke (10/10). No other manufacturer can produce such a tight choke and avoid ruined, patchy and blown-out useless patterns.

It produces the tightest, yet perfect at the same time, uniform patterns in the World, tighter even than possible to be measured by the classic way of counting shot percentage in 30” circle shot at 40 yrds. The conventional inner profile full choke is expected to put 70 – 75 % of the shot within this circle and the extra full approx. 80 %. Our 14/10 / 0,056” puts 100% i.e. all of them, even if the circle gets smaller than 30”. All these mean one thing: unbelievably long range shots.

The even more exceptional fact is that, the above percentage applies even in the case of use of any kind of non-toxic shot, steel shot etc, including maximum pressure high performance Magnum steel shot, regardless their size, including BBs! All manufacturers of conventional chokes restrict the use of steel shot for any constriction narrower than half, claiming that half choke produces full choke patterns with steel shot etc. Well, this is almost never true, the pattern with half choke is always much wider than full, the above restriction is created by the manufacturers so to avoid bulge ring damage on their tubes and patchy, blown up patterns.

Our 14/10 / 0,056” choke tube is designed for shooting so distant targets, at which you wouldn’t even think to raise your gun until now, extremely high birds or Extreme Sporting targets.

This choke is marked BX in HUNTING range and C7 in COMPETITION range.

Slug Align

The only choke in the World with two points for slug aligning. All conventional chokes have only one point: the constriction ring at the muzzle end. But, defining a straight line (as the trajectory of a slug) requires two points.

Our Slug Align “guides” the slug for a very large part of its exit route by two points simultaneously: The Pre-Choking Section ring and the Final Choking Section ring.

This provides incredible alignment increasing drastically the shot accuracy, giving extremely tight shot groups.

Buckshot Ruler (BR)

Extremely tight groups, at 40 yards (36,5 meters),

with Remington 9 pellets – all in circle of 10,24 inches (26 cm) diameter

with Remington HOG HAMMER – all in circle of 11,81 inches (30 cm) diameter