Flexi Muzzle ... Thinking out of the box

Using high speed cameras, it was observed thatt he load, during its exit from the muzzle, tends to immediately widen violently as it is freed from the barrel walls. The result is that, many of the pellets of the periphery of the shot column become deformed since they lose their spherical shape by coming in contact with the barrel’s angular edge and get driven off pattern (flyers) due to their erratic course in the air.

This problem is now solved by Flexi Muzzle, witch is our latest patented Technology for the Competition BRAIN Chokes and is combined with our primary Technology, the “CHOKE-in-CHOKE”. Flexi Muzzle is an arrangement of longitudinal cuts on the external part of our Competition chokes that allows the elastic type expansion of their muzzle which neutralizes the excessive pressure by the enlargement of its diameter.

These cuts are designed so the enlargement of the muzzle stays within the limits of each particular constriction degree without getting too great to enter the limits of the next wider degree, as this would result in wider than the desired pattern.

With Flexi Muzzle there are no more flyers and so our pattern gets even better.

Limitations of FLEXI MUZZLE:

  • is produced only in stainless steel (not Titanium),
  • it is not produced in C1 and C7
  • can be used with lead shot up to 36 gr and size No 4 or smaller or steel shot up to 32 gr and size No 6 or smaller