BRAIN chokes allow surprising aiming errors, the bird will fell, no matter if it is centered or not.
Perfectly uniform shot distribution within the pattern circle.
BL opens closer than SPREADER, yet it holds effective density much longet than that.
TM measures as Half choke but it shoots as Imp. Modified as well!

I received last Thursday from BRAIN the TM and TL for my BENELLI RAFFAELLO CRIO.
On Saturday I tested them on action, hunting. I was impressed by the surreal transformation of my semi auto. Absolut satisfaction.
The comparison with any other choke tubes is like day and night. They do much more than BRAIN promises.
G. B.

First hunt with the BL. What I have to say is that its performance is unbelievable. Everything I shot fell, from 8 – 30 yards I didn’t miss a single bird!

When I ordered the BRAIN choke tubes I hoped they would be worth testing. I study shotgun ballistics more than 30 years and I have heard many things which by testing proved they were not true. Today I ordered 4 more for my friends. They are the best chokes tubes I have seen during my whole carrier.
D. M.

From the moment I placed the BRAIN choke tubes in my gun, my scores in Sporting got high instantly. Difficult, hard to break clays, now break really easily and, more than that, impressively!
P. Z.

I bought the MR and the TL. I am looking for buyers for all the other after market choke tubes I have.
F. L.

I was ready to sell my second barrel of my Beretta A 400 because it performed far less than the other, until the moment I bought the LR. Now I cannot tell the difference between the two.
Τ. Η.