I received my chokes the day before my first big tournament of the year so I
decided to shoot them without testing or patterning! I was very pleased with
the results and overall performance of the chokes.
I shot a 99 and won the tournament.

David Collins, Virginia, USA

With BRAIN chokes the "error" correction and the decrease of injured birds
was noticable from day one. I make many pattern test with my Benelli Vinci,
Breda 930i and Remington V3 against Carlson's, Pattern master Anaconda,
Kicks , Seminole. For me , BRAIN works much better.

Tolis Triantafyllides, Greece

I was able to compare/pattern BRAIN C3 and a Briley LM at 15 and 25 yards
and I can attest that the BΡΑΙΝ choke had a more evenly distributed pattern
distributed with no pockets for the clay to escape (briley had 2-3 at the outer perimeter).
Out on the course the hits of BRAIN were noticeably harder,
especially at targets 30+ yards out.

M. Drakolios, Delaware, USA

Got my BRAIN chokes and shot a lot of paper. I was to impressed by
the paper 1 oz and 1 1/8 look great. I ended up not shooting 7/8 just too overwhelmed..

John Machost, Mississippi, USA

Since the BRAIN C1 choke I have hit a few personal records using the C1 for close,
putting in an ic or lm when needed, couple scores of 84,85,88 on this particular course.
Another personal record this weekend but never took the brain out left it in all day, hit 94 of 100.

Brian Pazak, Pennsylvania, USA

I bought two C3 BRAIN chokes for by Blaser. I am very, very pleased with the
way they break targets. There is a noticeable difference in the quality of
the breaks over my current chokes with the same restrictions.

Rick German North Carolina, USA

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